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  • American Quality since 2012 (15+ Years of Experience)

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The cheapest way to get your own website built, hosted, & launched.
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Need help? From, automation to troubleshooting.
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Inquire about our Information Security products & solutions.
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Kick off your custom project now! Over 20+ years of experience.
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DevOps Features: Automation & Flexiblity

With Titanoba DevOps teams you can manage cloud infrastructure straight from code, integrate deployment pipelines and much more

Deploy Your Perfect Image. Instantly. Anywhere

With Custom Images you can instantly deploy your .iso or .qcow2 images and spin up cloud VPS and VDS compute instances via web interface or API.

Manage Your Servers Directly From the Command Line

Use any of the Contabo API features from your terminal. The Contabo CLI has an easy to use natural syntax and is available on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

API to Automate Cloud Provisioning & Management

Get full programmatic access to your cloud resources with the Contabo API. Integrate with your your own scripts and DevOps tools to create seamless & efficient workflows.

Secure with SSH Keys Customize with cloud-init Scripts

Customize and secure your deployments with cloud-init scripts and SSH keys via the API or web interface.

Culture of Excellence

Design, quality, and durability are in our DNA

Right Hardware

At Titanoba, we always carefully check not only the relation between the purchase price and performance offered (CPU Performance per EUR), but we also look at the energy efficiency (CPU Performance per Watt) and durability of each hardware component. This way, we can be sure that purchased hardware will be long-lasting and inexpensive to operate, which translates directly into our ability to offer low prices.

Scale & Standarization

Our prices are low because of the effects of scale. Of course, companies like AWS are bigger than us, but unlike most of our competitors, we have a fully unified hardware platform in all of our Data Centers around the world. Thanks to that, we not only get better discounts on purchase prices (which we then can pass on to our customers), but we also save money and time on maintenance.


We use proprietary optimization scripts to manage load on our servers. This way, we are able to offer stable performance for all our customers at a great price point. Also, our logistics and warehouse management are optimized to reduce waste and thus give us space to offer even better prices.

Attention to Detail

We understand you are looking at every dollar twice before spending it. And we are no different. We don’t invest in premium office locations or expensive company cars. Even our CEO shares the room with 3 other people. Thanks to this lean approach, even with our low prices, we are profitable.

First-class Customer Support

Premium Support Experience for every customer is one Titanoba’s cornerstones. 12 highly-trained support specialists are here to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Don’t take our word for it! The quality of our support has been recognized year after year by experts with a gold standard for customer support across the world. Thousands of customers mention support in their 5-star reviews of Titanoba.


8 Regions, 11 Locations, Global Availability

Your Data Security Is Our Priority

In Titanoba we take security very seriously. Not only we follow strict procedures and our team undergo extensive security training, but also we review the physical security of our Data Centers on regular basis making sure we embrace the highest standards of hosting and cloud industry.

Titanoba FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our VPS and Dedicated Servers

Yes, we manage our Data Centers in seven Regions across the European Union (Germany), United States (East, Central, and West), Asia (Singapore and Japan), the UK, and Australia.

Demand and need for our cloud hosting services keeps growing, so we plan on opening more Data Centers in more Regions around the world.

Should you have any pre-sales inquiry about our products or if you face an issue with your Titanoba website, you can contact our Customer Support via e-mail and phone. 6We offer telephone support 365 days a year from 8 am to 11 pm Pacific Standard time and our agents monitor our support tickets 24 hours a day. We kindly ask for your understanding that we do not offer live chat support as of now. 

The Port speed (for example 1 Gbit/s) defines the maximum speed you can use for transferring data to and from your server. This is basically how fast the Network Interface Card in your Dedicated Server (or virtualized part of it in VPS and VDS) can transfer data. This should not be confused with a Unlimited Bandwidth. Should you require that, please check our Networking Add-Ons. By default, we guarantee Unlimited Traffic at an average of 100 Mbit/s to and from your server. For more details, please have a look at the specific terms of our offers.

You can inform yourself about the current status of our Data Centers on the website . We are working hard to avoid any kind of interruptions and to ensure that you do not have to face any issues. Should there, however, be some interference in one of our Data Centers or should a maintenance be required, we will be posting updates about the current status/progress on the aforementioned website.

Yes. All our Servers and Webspace Packages are provided with a DDoS Protection by default. Our customers don’t have to take any actions in order to benefit from it – the Contabo DDoS Protection is activated for all of our customers automatically and free of charge. We work continuously on further improving so our protection system can repel many different attacks. However, like any other DDoS protection, our protection system cannot provide a guarantee that any DDoS attack imaginable will be repelled. More information about our DDoS Protection can be found here.

In Titanoba we will never charge you extra for your traffic. The traffic package is already included in your server. Generally the full port speed is provided to you anytime. In case your server has an uplink faster than 100 Mbit/s and the average traffic consumption continuously exceeds 100 Mbit/s over a timespan of at least 10 days the connection is switched to 100 Mbit/s to make sure you will stay within your traffic package and will not incur any fees.

For Virtual Dedicated Servers and Dedicated Servers you can purchase additional bandwidth as needed.

We offer different payment methods depending on the currency. Go to Titanoba and learn more about it.

For all payment methods other than Credit Card, the first payment after you have submitted an order has to be done manually. Please use the payment information provided after the order process. Once you have your access to Customer Control Panel, you can manage your payment methods and send manual payments in a convenient way.